Release 11.4

Release date: 26 July 2022

What’s New

  • Secure File Delivery – Securely send documents to someone outside your organisation without the complication of having to share passwords. All you need is their name, email address and mobile phone number and you can start sending documents in minutes.
  • Secure Messaging – Send messages using secure messaging linked to the Medical-Objects provider.
  • Email Queue – Email notification delivery feedback is now added in the form of a note against the client case. This lets you know if email messages sent from Fixus reached their intended recipient.
  • Pronouns – Added a space to collect pronouns within the enquiry, referral, and client records and updated display for this information.
  • Head to Health Gateway –
    • Improvements to enable filtering of incoming referrals by the referral outcome value.
    • The feature was re-labelled from the previous name of ‘Head to Help’.
    • Export to the portal was updated to the V3.1 specification to specify Intake or Hub cases.
  • Icons – Upgraded the icon sets to improve the visual user experience.
  • Notifications – Improved the notifications display panel when showing the loading spinner during refresh cycle.

DEX Aggregator – Improvements:

  • Added a validation check for data fragments that are not within the date range of the reporting period.
  • Allow the reporting users to select an Agency which would then filter the results by the Agency.
  • Send an email message to the up-loader indicating if the upload succeeded or with details of errors.

Performance Improvements

  • Merged several background services together to reduce memory usage.

Security Improvements

  • Implemented a new Web Access Firewall (WAF) with improved performance and intelligent rule management.
  • TLS/SSL version updates – all services now default to system recommended value (currently TLS 1.2).
  • The ability to Enable and Enforce MFA upon new user creation through an Agency.
  • Remove “Add New User” button when permission is not granted.


  • NDIS – ‘Add Service’ dialog visual issue.
  • PMHC MDS for External reporting mode shows incorrect assessment warnings.
  • Notes text area width of screen in notes comments section is currently off the screen.
  • Central Intake – Add Referral – error when referral adds note.

Did you know…

Fixus includes several Dashboard Widgets that users may customise to assist managing their workflow.

Some widgets can show chart or statistical information such as Enquiries Received chart in the Central Intake (CI) Module.

Updated on August 4, 2022

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