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Release 11.6.5

Release notes for Version 11.6.5

What’s new?

  • Generic Modules: Introducing a new permission that enables the hiding of client personal information for enhanced privacy and data protection.


  • PMHC Service Contacts: The ‘Additional Practitioner’ field will now be hidden until the Primary practitioner has been selected, providing a more streamlined user experience.

Security Improvements

  • User Creation – MFA: The ‘Enabled’ and ‘Enforced’ fields are now locked based on the Instance settings, ensuring stronger security measures for user authentication.
  • PMHC Episode Pages: Fixed an error where an export popup was incorrectly displayed when export permission was not allowed.
  • General software package updates and code cleanup

Bug fixes

  • Central Intake: Fixed an issue where notes were not transferring when creating a PMHC Referral, ensuring seamless data transfer.
  • Central Intake: Resolved an intermittent problem where the Alias/Preferred name field was not appearing correctly, ensuring consistent data entry.
  • Generic Modules: Fixed the copy feature for Service Events, which was not functioning correctly.
  • Generic Modules: Addressed an issue where the date picker in Service Events did not allow selecting dates outside of the current range.
  • PMHC Service Contact: Resolved an issue where it was not possible to delete a Service Contact if a custom field had been set up.
  • PMHC Episode: Adjusted the width of the Cancel Case popup for improved user experience.
  • Note Templates: Fixed the merge field time zone, ensuring it aligns with the User time zone rather than being in UTC.
  • Assessments: Implemented various adjustments and fixes to enhance functionality and address reported issues.
  • NDIS Service Config: Adjusted the layout of the totals table to prevent it from jutting out.
  • User Profile: Aligned the Last Login Date field with other fields for a consistent user interface.
  • DEX Report: Implemented assessment validation checking to ensure accurate and reliable reporting.
Updated on June 5, 2023
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