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Release 11.9.0

Release notes for Version 11.9.0

The focus of release 11.9.0 has been the introduction of the Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH) minimum data set into the main Fixus platform and a general set of new and improved features.

What’s New

  • NDIS Module Enhancements: Updated the Services Provided List for improved functionality.
  • Brokerage Feature Revamp: Comprehensive upgrade and complete redesign of the Brokerage feature across generic modules.
  • New Brokerage Widget: Introduced a new widget specifically for managing Brokerage Orders.
  • Enquiries Feature Overhaul: Fully revamped with customisation options to tailor the enquiries feature to your needs.
  • Rates List Expansion: New capability to generate and associate rates with Brokerage Orders.
  • Service Events Revitalisation: Major enhancements and updates to Service Events within generic modules.
  • Service Events Widgets: New widget implemented to showcase Service Events effectively.
  • Enhanced Service Events View: Integrated a ‘Cost’ column in the list view for Service Events.
  • Client Search Upgrade: Enhanced search functionality to locate existing clients using their date of birth.
  • Mandatory Document Category Setting: Introduced an option to enforce document category selection during file uploads.
  • Web Browser Tabs Customisation: New setting available to display the client’s name on web browser tabs, facilitating multitasking across multiple Fixus tabs.
  • User Time Zone Display: Users’ time zone now visible in their profiles under Administration/Users.
  • Referral Out Customisation: Enhanced flexibility with options to hide or add fields using Dynamic Data.
  • Priority Field in Generic Modules: Implemented term replacement functionality for the ‘Priority’ field.
  • Expanded Mail Merge Fields: Introduced additional mail merge fields for each type of client contact, along with pronouns for clients and recipients.

Security Improvements

  • Continuous Security Upgrades: Ongoing enhancements and reviews to strengthen security measures.

Bug fixes

  • DASS 21 Assessment: Rectified the scoring matrix display issue.
  • PMHC Client: Corrected the “Treatment Plan” typo in the client cases view.
  • Enquiry Notes Fix: Addressed the problem where SMS messages sent from Enquiries were not being saved as notes.
Updated on March 15, 2024
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