Release 11.6

Release January 2023

The focus of release 11.6 is a set of Primary Mental Health Care (PMHC) minimum data set (MDS) upgrades that will bring the Fixus platform’s PMHC feature set into line with the new version 4 release of the PMHC MDS. The upgrade includes changes to terminology, additional fields, updates to validation as well as data extract formats.

What’s New

  • PMHC MDS Version 4 upgrades
    • PMHC Terminology – changes to certain labels to match MDS terminology, with term replacement to adjust to their own terminology:
      • Episodes – also commonly referred to as ‘Cases’ or ‘Episodes of Care’
      • Service Contacts – previously referred to as ‘Sessions’
      • Collection Occasions (for certain MDS Assessments of K10+/K5/SDQ and IAR)
      • Fixus Term Replacement will allow organisation-specific terms to be used – contact [email protected] to discuss.
    • MDS Portal Data Extract includes new tables and columns ready for the MDS Portal
      • Episode – new ‘Program Type’ field, with Program Stream option to allow organisations to set (and lock) default values when entering new Episodes. This reduces incorrect data entry.
      • Service Contacts (Sessions) – new mandatory ‘Funding Source’ field, with Program Stream option to set (and lock) default values on entry.
      • Service Contacts (Sessions) – new feature to allow optional ‘Multiple Practitioners’ (optional).
      • Contact [email protected] to discuss Program Stream defaults for your organisation.
  • PMHC MDS General updates
    • PMHC MDS Validation rules extended – additional validation alerts and warnings to assist collection of timely and accurate information
      • Closed Episodes without Start and End collection occasions (optional requiring K10+/K5/SDQ)
      • Collection Occasion Date on these assessments (K10+/K5/SDQ) have the MDS Validation rules enforced, notably:
        • must not be before Episode – Referral Date, and
        • must not be more than 7 days after Episode – End Date (and also not in the future).
    • added an option to make the Service Contact field Client Locality postcode mandatory. This will assist block funding for PHN reporting.
  • PMHC Support Team page layout improved and consistent with other Fixus modules, making the ‘Assigned’ and ‘Unassigned’ team members clearer.
  • New Assessment ‘Suicide Risk Screener’ based on the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) Suicide Assessment Kit.
  • Assessment ‘The Way Back Support Plan Assessment’ – added ‘Crisis Care plan’ fields per request.

Performance Improvements

  • Initial work on the PMHC Episode form ‘speed-up’ project. More improvements to come in 2023.

Security Improvements

  • Added configuration for Change Password pages to assist browser password managers.
  • Added contact details for Fixus in case of Security Vulnerability Disclosure, per IETF standard.
  • MFA Settings updated to include Fixus Instance name in Google/Microsoft Authenticator apps, to remove confusion when users access multiple Fixus instances.
  • General software updates to maintain security and reduce risk of older software.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Generic module Service Events can be deleted with specific permission.
  • Fixed: Central Intake – Add Referral button on Enquiry causing error.
  • Fixed: Episode Status Change ‘Reason’ text now included on system Note.
  • Fixed: Export of Assessment ‘TWB Support Plan’ now shows all entered fields.
Updated on February 20, 2023

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