Release 10.9.3

We are pleased to announce the 10.9.3 version of Fixus for general release. This version of the platform includes a combination of security updates, performance enhancements, bug fixes and general improvements to the platform.

Fixus 10.9.3 includes the following

New Features

Security – General security core updates.
Security – added 8 hour session time out limit.
Security – added force password change after 90 days.
Feature – Central Intake module available.
Feature – Purchase orders within certain program modules (Example: Team care coordination).

Assessment – Added TCC Falls Risk Assessment form.
Assessment – Added LSP Assessment report.
Assessment – Added THASP Exit Questionnaire Assessment.
Assessment – Added Initial Intake (8 Domains) IAR-DST Assessment.

Short Video on New Features


PMHC – Added NDIS sub-tabs and permissions.
PMHC – Added comment field to NDIS status changes.
PMHC – Added new permissions to allow adding Assessments and Support team(s).
PMHC – Added new permission to allow Global client search in Add referral.
General – Added new generic error pages for server errors.
General – Minor page layout improvements.
General – Extract of notes to PDF now includes direct and indirect time and comment fields.

General – Add “Search Provider Contact” Option to support team.
Assessment – Renamed Turner River Assessment to THASP Assessment

Short Video on New Features

Bug Fixes

General – Fixed display of Service Group names containing an apostrophe.
General – Fixed Date/Time box in dynamic data fields.
General – Layout improvements, help button now not covered.
General – Fixed NDIS Service provided note links.
General – Updated core logic for PMHC imports.

Short Video on Bug fixes
Updated on November 29, 2021

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