Release 10.9.7

We are pleased to announce the 10.9.7 version of Fixus for general release. This version of the platform includes a combination of security updates, performance enhancements, bug fixes and general improvements to the platform.

Fixus 10.9.7 includes the following:

New Features

Assessment – The Way Back Safety Plan.
Assessment – The Way Back Support Plan.
Assessment – Your Experience of Service (YES) (Mental Health) assessment.
Assessment The Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia (CSDD) assessment and reports.
Report – Additional Sessions request report.
Report – Clients nearing end of sessions report.


Assessment – Updated – LSP (16) updates options.
PMHC – Export of payment details.
PMHC – Stepped Care – Lock to increase steps only.
PMHC – DOB search function added to Client search in add referral.
PMHC – Added MDS Suicide Referral flag check.
Security – General security core updates.
General – General layout improvements to administration.
General – MFA authenticators name option added.
General – Postcode lookup on address.

Bug Fixes

Assessment – DFV Assessment Export.
Assessment – Brief grief Assessment calculate fixed.
Assessment – Do not allow decimals in ‘Days’ input fields (Assessment Kessler K10+).
General – Password expiry.
General – Change program stream now changes session limit of stream.
General – Date and time error checking fixed.
General – Client search status fixed.
PMHC – Copy case failing fixed.
TCC – Case sub-status not updating banner fixed.
RAS – Error adding review.
PMHC – MDS validation update.
MHNIP – MDS Validation update.
Team Care Coordination – Fixed case sub-status not updating in banner.
Administration – General layout fixes.

Updated on November 29, 2021

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