Release 10.9.8

We are pleased to announce the 10.9.8 version of Fixus for general release. This version of the platform includes a combination of security updates, performance enhancements, bug fixes and general improvements to the platform.

Fixus 10.9.8 includes the following:

New Features

Assessment – YES survey – patient experience.
Central Intake – Added referral assessments.
General – Update browser detection to current versions.
Report – Added The Way Back Support Service MDS validation and report.


Report – Modify Sessions report to include client name.
Report – Modify PMHC Agency ‘Unacknowledged Cases’ report .
Central Intake – Convert enquiry to referral.
Assessment – Update SDQ assessment.
Security – General security core updates.
General – General layout improvements to administration.

Bug Fixes

Administration – General layout fixes.
Central Intake – Allocation to PMHC not transferring Gender & Mobile Number.
General – Client Contact Method – Extra fields not saving.
General – Generic Ad hoc workflows not showing correctly on screen.
General – Purchase orders not showing in tab & crashes in module config.
General – Send Bulk SMS function does not create a note.
General – SMS Note date/time not correct time zone.
General – Contact methods – “No message” field saved but not displayed.
Generic– Admin Agency View – “usercontrol not found” error.
General – Admin – Export Lookups – several errors to handle.
General – Audit Log – failing Export.
General – Firefox MDS export.
General – SMS Module Configuration dates not working.
General – Generic – Adhoc workflow screen fixed cannot scroll.
PMHC – Change Program Stream not working.
PMHC – Stepped Care date validation.
PMHC – Session Date check error.
PMHC – PMHC MDS V2 Rules review.
Report – UTC date issues in Session List report.
Report – Report date pickers affected by GMT 0 issue.
Report – Report issues – Initial Intake (8 Domains) IAR-DS.
DEX Aggregator – Added error message for failed upload.
DEX Aggregator – Fixed linking sessions when agencies use duplicate client identifiers.


1. Fixed adding a PHMC referral when the outcome is Ineligible.
2. Fixed viewing of Action Plans.
3. Fixed the info URL in the IARDST assessment form.
4. Fixed jumping to MDS error links. The redirection was losing the original Url and always going to the user’s default page.

Updated on November 29, 2021

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