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(User) How to Update Your Profile Details

Step 1: Log into your FIXUS instance.
Step 2: Click on Your Profile.
Step 3: Click on Update (blue button) to update the following fields:
First Name:
Time Zone:

Add Contact Methods
Step 4: Click Add Contact Methods.
Step 5: Select Contact Type, Add Contact Details (Eg: email address if email is contact type).
Step 6: Tick Preferred Contact Method if this is your preferred contact method.
Step 7: Click Save (Green button).

Modify Existing Contact
Step 8: Click Edit (Blue button).
Step 9: Change details as required.

Delete Existing Contact
Step 10: Click Cross (Red button).
Step 11: Click OK in the pop-up to delete the existing contact.

JIT: (User) How to Update Your Profile Details

Updated on June 9, 2023

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