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Administration – Getting Started

General Information

The Administration area of Fixus is accessed by clicking on the orange 3 Lined or “Hamburger” Menu shown in Figure 1 and selecting the option Administration.

Figure 1 – Accessing the Administration area

The Administration screen as shown in Figure 2 will be presented.

Figure 2 – Administration Screen

NOTE: Only Users who have the role of System Administrator will see the Administration link in the Menu. Roles are explained in further detail in the Administration Roles User Guide.

The Administration Navigation Bar (Figure 3) is displayed under the Fixus logo across the top of the screen. This enables you to navigate within the Administration section. It is divided by 4 tabs. “System Access, Data Analytics, System Management and Fixus Admin

Figure 3 – Administration Navigation Bar

Each of the links in the navigation bar is explained in detail in their respective Administration User Guides.

Administration Skill Level Ratings

Due to the complex nature of some aspects of Fixus Administration, each Administration User Guide has been given a Skill Level Rating. This rating will give you an indication of the skill level needed to alter settings for that section. The Skill Level Ratings are explained in the table below.

Basic Skill Level – Confident and capable in using Fixus for client and case management.
– Good general computer competency and knowledge.
Intermediate Skill Level – In-depth understanding of client and case management within Fixus
– Excellent general computer competency and knowledge.
High Skill Level – Information Technology/Computer Science background
– Understanding of programming concepts/SQL Database knowledge.
Updated on June 9, 2023
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