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PMHC Referral Identifier Update

WARNING: This import process alters data within the Fixus platform.

The Referral Identifier update import function was created to support configurations of the Fixus platform where it reports PMHC data to an external system. Under this scenario it is often desirable to synchronize referral identifiers between the two systems. The common identifiers between the two systems can then be used for future updates of existing records.

The import process searches the Fixus database for an episode record within the PHMC module with a Referral Id that equals the “source referral id” value. When it finds one it replaces that value with the “target referral id” value.

The import process requires a set of values provided as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file:

  • Fixus Referral Id
  • External Referral Id

Both values must exist for each row within the import spreadsheet or the re-import validation process will fail.

The first row within the datafile must contain the following column header values:

  • “fixus_referral_id”
  • “external_referral_id”

Check the attachments to this article for a sample import file.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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