Release 6.0

Fixus Release 6.0 will be deployed to the production instance on the 23rd of October 2014.

Key changes within this release are detailed below:

Teams Security

The concept of Team Security has being introduced into the Fixus product to allow lead agencies to better manage access to client records when multiple agencies are collaborating within the one system.

The feature allows the lead agency to group staff members together that share access to a common set of clients. Only staff members within the group can view and manage client records that they have been assigned to.

During the upgrade process a team will be created for each existing agency and staff members will automatically be migrated into the team belonging to their agency.

A role attribute has been created to allow lead agencies to override team security, allowing internal staff to access all client records.

All related reports have been updated in line with the new security regime.


The notes interface has been redesigned to enhance the overall experience for users managing notes within the system. As well as a redesign of the information displayed we have added text formatting, full screen mode, searchable tags, draft and auto-save features.

Design, Navigation, Banner & Alerts

Based on feedback collected over the past 12 months we have re-designed the main client/case banner to make the information clearer and also to reduce the amount of space consumed.

In addition to this, the workflow indicators that were previously displayed within the demographics tab have been moved out onto the main screen, ensuring they are always visible.

PIR System Reform

System reform is a key pillar of the Partners in Recovery program.  The inclusion of system reform functionality into the program will assist agencies to demonstrate to the Department of Health that they are working to change the way policy drives consistent improvement within the health services sector.

This release of Fixus has introduced a new set of features that support collaboration and assist lead agencies address key reform issues. The initiative was driven by Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local, Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local, Aftercare WMO and Gold Coast Medicare Local.

The feature set includes: 

  • Enquiry Register
  • Issues Register
  • Reform Plan
  • Networks & Collaborations
  • Risk Assessment

If you are interested in the system reform feature set, please contact us.


We are always looking for ways to improve performance and during our scheduled performance review we identified optimisations, which have been made to all main search screens within the product.

Full Release Notes

Release Notes – Fixus Development – Version 6.0

** Sub-task

  • [FIXUS-694] – Update notes to include HTML editor
  • [FIXUS-695] – Add tags feature to notes
  • [FIXUS-773] – Restructure notes
  • [FIXUS-980] – System Reform Plan
  • [FIXUS-981] – Networks & Collaborations
  • [FIXUS-982] – Client Risk Assessments (Case Assessments)
  • [FIXUS-1138] – Create MIFSA safety assessment tool
  • [FIXUS-1139] – Model updates
  • [FIXUS-1151] – Generic Base Page
  • [FIXUS-1152] – Generic master page
  • [FIXUS-1153] – Generic Episode master page
  • [FIXUS-1154] – Generic Client master page
  • [FIXUS-1155] – Search
  • [FIXUS-1156] – Client / View
  • [FIXUS-1157] – Core demographic client view
  • [FIXUS-1158] – Client / Episode banner
  • [FIXUS-1159] – Client / Update
  • [FIXUS-1160] – Episode / Add
  • [FIXUS-1161] – Episode / View
  • [FIXUS-1162] – Episode / Form
  • [FIXUS-1163] – Episode / Change Status
  • [FIXUS-1164] – Episode / Support Team
  • [FIXUS-1169] – Model creation
  • [FIXUS-1170] – Administration – Team Management
  • [FIXUS-1171] – Agency – Viewing teams
  • [FIXUS-1172] – Agency Staff – Team list
  • [FIXUS-1173] – Episode model change
  • [FIXUS-1174] – PIR Security
  • [FIXUS-1175] – ATAPS Security
  • [FIXUS-1176] – Headspace – Security
  • [FIXUS-1177] – Generic – Security
  • [FIXUS-1178] – PIR – Assign Team / Support Team
  • [FIXUS-1179] – ATAPS – Assign Team / Support Team
  • [FIXUS-1180] – Headspace – Assign Team / Support Team
  • [FIXUS-1181] – Automated creation of teams on migration
  • [FIXUS-1182] – Reports – update to use teams where appropriate
  • [FIXUS-1185] – Solution
  • [FIXUS-1186] – Model
  • [FIXUS-1189] – Web Base
  • [FIXUS-1190] – Client – Search
  • [FIXUS-1196] – Episode – Search

** Bug

  • [FIXUS-868] – Header / Navigation redesign
  • [FIXUS-912] – Search function doesn’t acknowledge spaces
  • [FIXUS-921] – Service directory – staff list needs to scroll
  • [FIXUS-1132] – Headspace – DOB has PIR tool tip
  • [FIXUS-1136] – Remove validation of Last Assessment and Date of Entry
  • [FIXUS-1166] – Use service provider full name in templates
  • [FIXUS-1213] – Participant layer – PIR labels appearing
  • [FIXUS-1258] – Carer relationships
  • [FIXUS-1259] – PIR MDS validation – updates required
  • [FIXUS-1260] – ATAPS Clinician dashboard – last assigned support team member needs additional sorting
  • [FIXUS-1276] – Action plan – Reason for plan does not appear on the pdf
  • [FIXUS-1299] – Notes printing and export shows non visible items.
  • [FIXUS-1300] – Non visible notes can be read by adding a comment
  • [FIXUS-1301] – Users who create notes can’t see them depending on Visibility setting.
  • [FIXUS-1302] – Search for client with too many results unusable
  • [FIXUS-1303] – Hidden resources are still visible in knowledge base.
  • [FIXUS-1304] – EO PDF failing to generate assessment exports on live sites only
  • [FIXUS-1306] – Bug when attempting to use Knowledge Base
  • [FIXUS-1307] – PIR Validation Bug
  • [FIXUS-1308] – Bug In ATAPS Validation
  • [FIXUS-1309] – Email not sent when setting support facilitator from Edit Assigned Agency (will be team in 6.0)
  • [FIXUS-1311] – Alerts still visible after being soft deleted
  • [FIXUS-1312] – Validation Window Detection, Display and Close
  • [FIXUS-1315] – Editing program streams in ATAPS module
  • [FIXUS-1317] – Disable Save button when creating sessions.
  • [FIXUS-1320] – EpisodeLinks records no longer auto creating on new record i.e. ATAPS Add Referral
  • [FIXUS-1322] – Prevent creating Needs Assessments before Intake.
  • [FIXUS-1325] – Add Episode – Start date required
  • [FIXUS-1326] – PIR – Risk assessment
  • [FIXUS-1327] – PIR – Risk assessment – Too much space and inconsistent wording
  • [FIXUS-1328] – PIR – Action plan, button should not be displayed
  • [FIXUS-1329] – Export CANSAS – formatting issues

** New Feature

  • [FIXUS-978] – PIR System Reform (Committed)
  • [FIXUS-1109] – Agency / Team Security (Committed)
  • [FIXUS-1115] – Administration – Roles export & import feature
  • [FIXUS-1150] – Generic Episode Updates

** Story

  • [FIXUS-1107] – Suggestion – WMO – Report Note category and time
  • [FIXUS-1217] – No sessions can be logged until after the “MDS Referral data & Diagnosis screen has been completed.
  • [FIXUS-1228] – All client and case search screen enable sort criteria on heading. I e click on “First Name” heading to list this column alphbetically  As discussed with Martyn this is being considered in the next release
  • [FIXUS-1230] – Create ATAPS referrer list management and autocomplete
  • [FIXUS-1232] – Where referral is ineligible and the reason is ‘other’, a free text box is required
  • [FIXUS-1239] – Assigned dates needs to be in date order. 16/7/14 Future release
  • [FIXUS-1247] – Automatic email notification sent to last support team member when a case has had its sessions count increased.
  • [FIXUS-1251] – Recording of Session Date using the calendar selection screen. Request to remove the display of Time and Hour, Minutes slide bars as it is not required as part of MDS. Also the “Now” button does not appear to do anything   
  • [FIXUS-1256] – Requirement to make fields that are non MDS mandatory in FIXUS
  • [FIXUS-1264] – When logged on as a case allocated there are situations when the “Client list” screen does not show the correct clinicians name for a referral


  • [FIXUS-453] – Report – Build time recording report
  • [FIXUS-900] – HACC Report – Client profile data
  • [FIXUS-938] – Users/organisations – Change active/disabled to active/inactive
  • [FIXUS-1026] – MIFSA MDS validation
  • [FIXUS-1027] – Report – Referrals Not Accepted
  • [FIXUS-1034] – Add Risks field to Referral page
  • [FIXUS-1041] – Support team dialog styling issue
  • [FIXUS-1071] – Update ALL demographics screens
  • [FIXUS-1072] – Update Client & Case headers
  • [FIXUS-1118] – Notes Overhaul (Committed)
  • [FIXUS-1126] – MIFSA – Functionality as programs are added
  • [FIXUS-1127] – MIFSA – Addition of field when adding person through carer relationship screen
  • [FIXUS-1140] – Add Post/Mail to contact methods.
  • [FIXUS-1165] – MIFSA – Carer relationship, alter wording
  • [FIXUS-1167] – MIFSA – Addition of new field Disability, add DOB estimate check box, and mandatory indication
  • [FIXUS-1215] – Update CANSAS Occasion drop-down (Committed)
  • [FIXUS-1267] – Contact methods – Add check box to indicate text preferred use of mobile number
  • [FIXUS-1310] – Add email field to Personal Contacts.
  • [FIXUS-1334] – Alter wording in demographics screens and main header
Updated on November 29, 2021

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