Release 10.7.4

Release date 01/10/2019

This release contains several feature updates that target requirements for the Psychosocial Transition Program.

TRIS Reporting Options

Added a program setting to both Case Manager and PIR that checks if the NDIS module is to be placed into PTP TRIS reporting mode. When in this mode there is a requirement that when the NDIS status is changed to “NDIS Criteria Met (Likelihood)” then a second selection labelled “Reason” becomes mandatory with the following options:

  • Too unwell
  • Not interested
  • Cannot be reached
  • Cannot provide evidence
  • Still deciding whether to apply

TRIS Report

A new TRIS report has been created in line with the department of healths requirements.
The report is labelled as TRIS Transition Report”.

NDIS Tab Visibility

Added the ability to control the visibility of the various tabs that make up the NDIS feature within the PIR and PTP modules.

Updated on November 29, 2021

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