Release 10.5.1

Released on Thursday, 27 September 2018.

This release contains minor bug fixes as well as a small set of feature updates.


Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Future Dating of Notes

Psychological Strategies (PS)


  • Create new status “Scheduled” in Psychological Strategies.
  • Don’t allow Clients to be Added with Blank Given Name and Blank Last Name.

National Disability Insuarnce Scheme (NDIS)

Bug Fixes

  • NDIS service provided null type id.
  • Review in Progress on search screen.


  • PIR Consumer and NDIS Roll Out.
  • NDIS Plan Title on Config.
  • Add Additional NDIS Organisation Client Target Fields.
  • NDIS Transition Report – Option to show Detailed list of Cases.
  • Option to Hide Assigned Region.
  • Create setting for NDIS time.
  • Enhancement of PIR NDIS Service Types screen to be more like Notes pop-up.
  • Create an Excel option for the NDIS Services Export function.
  • Provide System Setting to not allow NDIS Budget Usage to go Negative.
  • Create Permissions specific to the NDIS Config Pop-up.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix issues with SDQ assessment


  • Create WHODAS 2.0 – 36 Question Version

Primary Mental Health Care (PMHC)

Bug Fixes

  • Add/Edit Session not setting Client Participation Indicator to “No” for “No Show”.


  • Update Session changes a Final value of “No further services…” to “Further services are planned…”.
  • PMHC Alias – When alias is created prefills alias account from main account, also syncs any changes to either the alias or main user account.
Updated on November 29, 2021

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