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Levels of Access

This document outlines the internal levels of authorization Fixus uses to determine if a user is able to request changes via Support or other means. This allows Fixus to determine who can request certain instance changes, data changes and updates and communication with clients about the Fixus system and data contained within it.  

Note: The descriptions of each Authorisation level below are rough guides only – Fixus reserves the right to request confirmation from a higher-level authorised user if we are unsure.

Consider when assigning Authorised contacts that there should be sufficient coverage of Authorised staff to cover holidays or other absences.

A note about the terms such as ‘Episode’, ‘Program’, and ‘Session’ may appear differently in each client’s instance or organization, and different terms used internally at Fixus. Please contact Client management or refer to the Fixus ‘term replacement’ Administration list for assistance.

Module Name” (Authorisation Level)

This means a user may request configuration changes for a specific module (for example “PMHC” or “NDIS”)

Instance Clinical

This means users can make changes to clinical information such as

  • Client Records – such as fields not user editable.
  • Episode Information such as adjusting Episode Start and End Dates.
  • Session Start and End Dates.

Who should have this? It is recommended a handful of Team Leaders be assigned to this level for the more common data-maintenance requests..

Instance Limited

Users assigned this level may request changes in a module or across the entire instance. This also includes the access provided in the Clinical level.

This includes

  • Deleting Episodes and Client Records.
  • Access to Management Level Reports.
  • Adding or Removing Team Support Members from Episodes.  

Who should have this? It is recommended a small number of Team or department leaders be assigned to this level to handle rare but important requests.

Instance – Full

This means a user has full rights to change anything in the Fixus application (ie: the “instance”), including the access from the previous levels. This is a very powerful level of access.

This includes:

  • Adding and Removing Users from the Instance.
  • Requesting new Modules, Program Streams, and other Instance configurations.
  • New or Changes to Assessments and Reports.
  • Creation and Changes to Roles, Teams and Agencies.
  • Adjusting Templates.

This access if very powerful – it also includes changes to instance data, as well as removing of any or all instance data or configuration.

Who should have this? It is recommended a very small number of appropriate management be assigned to this level.

Data Privacy

This means the user will be notified in the case of a potential Data Privacy issue via specified method such as email or SMS. There is no day-to-day rights associated with this Authorisation

Who should have this? An appropriate C-level manager, or a Privacy Officer who should receive information about Privacy issues.

Updated on June 21, 2023

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