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Mail Merge – Dynamic Data

Included in Release 11.5, most Dynamic Data fields may be used in MS Word Mail merge templates. This is an expansion of the ability to include instance-specific fields directly into templates with very little technical knowledge.

See the existing page on Mail Merge Templates to get started.

To Add or Update a Merge Document, please send it to [email protected] with the details of the module it is to be loaded.

Dynamic data

When Dynamic data fields are added to Fixus by Fixus Support team, they are stored in tables with names like ‘Custom_AOD_Episode’:

  • Custom_ : Fixus naming for Dynamic fields storage
  • ‘AOD’ : the Fixus Module Code this table is used with (changes per instance and module)
  • ‘Episode’ : Fixus naming for type of data. Options include “Client”, “Episode”, “ActionPlan”, “Diagnosis”, “Enquiry”, “Note”, “Staff”, “Team”, or “Group”

This allows specific fields to be retrieved and included when exporting ‘mail merge’ Word

Word Merge Fields

To include the Dynamic Data fields into a Word document, the merge fields must be named like ‘Dynamic_[tabletype]_[fieldname]’ where:

  • ‘Dynamic’ : fixed text to identify all Dynamic mergefields.
  • [tabletype] : is the source of the Dynamic field and will be one from this list [“Client”, “Episode”, “ActionPlan”, “Diagnosis”, “Enquiry”, “Note”, “Staff”, “Team”, or “Group”]
  • [fieldname] : is the dynamic field name entered in Dynamic Data.

Example: Dynamic field ‘RegularGPName‘ is part of the AOD module in the Episode and is therefore stored in table Custom_AOD_Episode, and the data ‘Doctor John Watson’ is entered to the field for a certain client.

Include mergefield ‘{{Dynamic_Episode_RegularGPName}}’ in the Word template, then the value ‘Doctor John Watson’ would be displayed when generating the template for any client in the AOD module.

Any other fields not matching any Dynamic fields, including different spelling will be ignored and not included in the document.

Updated on June 6, 2023

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