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Generic Add Episode – ‘Other Demographics’ field configuration

Special configuration values exist to allow for configuration of drop-down lists within the Other Demographics section on the Add Episode form within a program configured under the generic module.

If the configuration values exist, the administrator will have the ability to configure the default selection for each drop down list and whether the option is a required field.

The following fields are included:
*Indigenous Status

The settings defined within this article must be created using a program context that identifies these settings as belonging to a specific generic program. This can be achieved by using a context value as follows; “Generic_{Program Code}”.

If a generic program has a code of “PTP” the context value will be “Generic_PTP”.

Using this method, a different set of settings can be configured for each generic program.

The following keys, when created, can contain a value of either True or False. The default behaviour, if the values are not configured, is to not require values within these fields.


The following keys, when created, contain an integer value that determines the item within the lookup list for each dropdown list that is selected as a default.

(default if not set is 5)
(default if not set is 1)
(default if not set is 1)

Updated on June 9, 2023
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