Version 10

Version 10.11.0 – Released September 21, 2021

  • Security: General security core improvements
  • Improvement: General system software improvement to preformance

Version 10.10.7 – Released September 7, 2021

  • Fixed: General Assessments now saving correctly
  • Improvement: The Way Back Safety plan logic has been updated
  • Improvement: Session creation date and time now showing in users timezone

Version 10.10.6 – Released September 7, 2021

  • Security: General security core improvements
  • New Feature: Allied health consults tracking widget added
  • Improvement: Team Care Coordination Tool and Action plan assessment updated
  • Improvement: Option added to upload a manual safety plan in the safety plan assessment
  • Improvement: Fixus will check if the correct format is used in email addresses.
  • Improvement: Add DVA number as a custom identifyer on a client record
  • Improvement: PMHC sessions will dispay Session created date and time
  • Improvement: SLK will re-generate if date of birth or gender has changed from creation
  • Improvement: Included a option to close epsiode of care from a Review and closed checklist assessment
  • Improvement: Updated The Way back Support Service quarterly report for critical incidents & KPI requirements
  • Fixed: Removed blank status from Team Care Coordination assessement
  • Fixed: Correct spelling updated in Bief Situational Confidence(BSC) questionnaire
  • Fixed: Country of birth now sets correctly for referrals in Central Intake

Version 10.10.4 – Released July 30, 2021

Version 10.10.2 – Released June 10, 2021

  • Improvement: PMHC Clinician Case Status widget added
  • Fixed: TWBSS Critical Incident Report date format
  • Fixed: Consent layout issues
  • Fixed: Add Referral exception errors caused by missing data
  • Fixed: Deleted Document causing exception when attempting to view
  • Fixed: Auto Fill MDS consent errors when exiting cases
  • Fixed: Notes Saving Issue
  • Fixed: LGA label issues
  • Fixed: various MDS Validation issues
  • Fixed: “No exit assessment” message from error to warning in MDS validation
  • Fixed: removing old cases for Unacknowledged Cases display on High-Level Alerts widget
  • Fixed: Central Intake – Fixed Inbox message log to show correct time zones
  • Fixed: Central Intake – Fixed H2H Telemetry widget not displaying results
  • Fixed: Central Intake – Fixed H2H Consent Import error
  • Fixed: Central Intake – Fixed a naming issue with the new Central Intake widgets
  • Fixed: Assessments – Fixed IAR-DST (8 Domains) layout issues
  • Fixed: Assessments – Removed extra text on Client Exit assessment
  • Fixed: Custom Data – Fixed saving checked options in a checkbox list

Version 10.10.1 – Released June 3, 2021

  • Improvement: Added widget referrals received
  • Improvement: Added widget referrals processed
  • Improvement: Added widget enquiries received
  • Improvement: Added widget enquires resolved
  • Improvement: Added widget enquiries by region
  • Improvement: Moved episode and external allocations to the allocations tab
  • Fixed: Consent type display issue

Version 10.10.1 – Released January 11, 2021

  • Security: General security core updates
  • New Feature: Add Consent feature to Referrals Central Intake program module. This changes the way consents are linked to episodes so may require an update to your custom reports
  • New Feature: Added The Way Back Support Service critical incidents assessment
  • New Feature: Added Custom Risk Assessment
  • New Feature: Added the EQ-5D-5L assessment (requires your own license)
  • Improvement: IAR-DST and IAR Risk Assessment updates
  • Improvement: Head to Help Portal Integration for central intake program module
  • Improvement: Administration layout improvements
  • Improvement: Expanded NDIS note subject field
  • Improvement: Unacknowledged cases added to High Level Alerts widget
  • Improvement: A required exit assessment must be completed before closing an episode
  • Improvement: MDS – Exit Assessments set now show a warning if not completed
  • Improvement: MDS – Added extra check for a client having multiple open episodes with a single agency
  • Improvement: MDS – Added critical incidents to The Way Back MDS submission
  • Improvement: MDS – Improved the validation error messages to make it clearer what information is expected
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue when deleting a session with attachments like an assessment, note and/or document
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where changing a module consent type code could lose the consent options
  • Fixed: Added a new permission to allow the consent date to be changed in the same way as for other modules
  • Fixed: Group tab not working after accessing notes is now fixed
  • Fixed: Optimization throughout the application
Updated on November 29, 2021
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