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Secure File Delivery Service


Effortlessly secure and streamline your digital file exchanges with the Secure File Delivery Service (SFDS). Designed to integrate seamlessly with platforms like Fixus, SFDS enhances your file delivery capabilities with robust security features and real-time notifications. Whether you’re sharing sensitive case files or accessing critical documents, SFDS ensures that your data remains protected while keeping all parties informed the instant files are shared or accessed. Optimize your workflow and safeguard your communications with SFDS — the smarter way to manage digital exchanges.


If you are experiencing issues receiving files from the SFDS please contact the sender as the document may have been removed prior to collection. In this case they will need to resend the document.

Otherwise, support is provided via the normal Fixus support channels.


What are the file size upload limits?
The SFDS allows you to upload files up to 100MB.
How do I share files using Delivery Man?
SFDS is a micro-service intended to be integrated into other products. This means you will never send files directly using the SFDS user interface. Instead files are sent via other integrated services such as the Fixus platform.
How does SFDS secure file delivery?
Files are secured in transit using enforced SSL connections and also encrypted when at rest. The delivery process uses two factors to secure the delivery of the file, email and a code sent to a known mobile number.
How long does Delivery Man hold onto files?
Files are permanently removed from storage when they reach their Expiry Date which can not be set to more than 7 days into the future.
Are there any limits on the type of files I can send?
Yes. SFDS will reject any files contained on its black list. (these include files with extensions such as “.exe” and “.bat”.

Updated on April 29, 2024
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