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Release 11.7.0

Release notes for Version 11.7.0

The focus of release 11.7.0 has been a set of Primary Mental Health Care (PMHC) incremental improvements and a general set of new and improved features.

What’s New

  • PMHC V4 Updates
    • Service Contacts – Enhanced the Service Contacts fields for the “Primary Practitioner” and “Additional Practitioner” drop-down lists. Unassigned staff members are now clearly indicated to prevent incorrect staff selections and offer improved context to users.
    • Widget – The “Clinician Client List” widget within the widget framework now displays the Client’s Preferred Name, enhancing staffs ability to providing more personalized interactions.
    • Validation – Enhancements have been made to the validation engine error messages to improve data quality through better understanding.
    • Improved Naming Consistency – The Client level ‘Files’ section name now defaults to ‘Episode’ (formerly ‘Case’), and incorporates Fixus Term Replacement for enhanced adaptability to clients’ business-specific terminology.
  • Invoice Management – Introduced a new searchable section to enable staff to locate existing invoices.
  • Invoice Export Xero – added an enhancement to the invoicing feature enabling CSV file export for the Xero financial management system.
  • Generic Sessions Assessments – Enabled Fixus Term Replacement in the Generic Sessions ‘Assessments’ tab, empowering clients to utilise their preferred business terms seamlessly.
  • Personal Contacts Title – Expanded the Client ‘Personal Contacts’ section to include a ‘Title’ field, facilitating the addition of titles as needed for improved organization.
  • Google Authenticator – Updated the “Google Authenticator” app logo within the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) set-up screen for better visual clarity.
  • Form Autofill – Disabled autofill functionality for specific fields throughout the product to enhance security and data integrity.
  • Scheduling – Made several enhancements to the Schedule feature to optimize its usability and performance.
  • Deactivating Users – Streamlined the process for deactivating users, simplifying administrative workflows.
  • Welcome Email – Implemented the ability to re-send the ‘Welcome’ email to users who have not yet logged in, promoting a smoother onboarding experience.
  • Service Groups – Introduced an Assessments management tab to Service Groups, improving accessibility and oversight of assessments within group contexts.
  • API – Introduced a new type of API endpoint that enables the creation of custom endpoints designed to meet individual organisation requirements.

Security Improvements

  • Code cleanup to align with Static Code Analysis Test results.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: PMHC V4 Service Contact Practitioner key incorrectly changes when service contact is updated (but not the practitioner).
  • Fixed: PMHC Support Team page – Dates Assigned/Unassigned correctly validated.
  • Fixed: Assessment ‘Suicide Risk Screener (SAK)’ export to PDF/Word.
  • Fixed: “Notes” feature updated:
    • ‘Direct Time’ and ‘Indirect Time’ fields include validation to accept only digits 0-9 and display appropriate messages.
    • Made the display of Direct/Indirect and other Time fields consistent on Notes list page.
    • Dynamic Data fields acknowledge ‘Required’ setting and show validation messages.
    • Certain characters in Client Name impacts some Notes display.
    • Alert Notes correctly show date time on alert popup.
  • Fixed: Illegal Filename Characters – replace ‘illegal’ characters in uploaded filenames with “_” to reduce issues with viewing files on different systems.
  • Fixed: Improved handling of any errors when very long URLs are received.
  • Fixed: General minor Administration functions on Module Settings and refresh Permissions.

Updated on August 30, 2023

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