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Release 11.6.3

Release notes for Version 11.6.3

What’s new?

  • PMHC and Central Intake – new setting toggle to show/hide the ‘Preferred Name’ field, with Fixus Term replacement to allow your organisation terminology.
  • PMHC V4 – addition of new ‘Program Type’ input field to the PMHC – Quick Add Referral form
  • User profile MDS Warning Panel.
  • Fixus Secure File Delivery – new items to assist message recipients
    • added “Reference Number” to Secure Send emails to assist Agencies find the source Episode, if contacted;
    • added an optional ‘Message’ field, with formatting enabled, so senders may provide context for the files being sent. To keep the message secure, it is only displayed once the secure file is accessed.

Security Improvements

  • Healthcare Identifiers (HI) connection – updated NASH SHA-2 Certificates following deprecation of SHA-1 PKI Certificates by Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency.
  • Fixus Secure Send feature API updated for new Reference and message details.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Rare case where User’s Last Login Date was not updated
  • Fixed: Removed old ‘ATAPS’ wording when attaching a Note to an Episode record
  • Fixed: Purchase Order sequence numbering in some cases
  • Fixed: Fixus Secure Send adds title to the ‘Document Sent’ note on an Episode
  • Fixed: Text fixed on Enquiry Notification Emails
  • Fixed: Team Assigned Notification Emails uses correct Contact method
Updated on May 11, 2023
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