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Community Health MDS – FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Community Health minimum data set.

How does the Fixus solution deal with Community Health MDS data validation?

The Fixus solution has a process that validates all data against the Community Health MDS standard before submission can be made. This ensures that all information transmitted to the Department of Health has already been checked against the published rules. This reduces the number of errors returned and ultimately streamlines the processing and collection of data.

Do you update the Community Health MDS support as part of your support agreement?

If your health program requires Community Health MDS support then your support agreement will include a fee for Community Health MDS updates.

What version of Community Health MDS is supported?

We update the Fixus Community Health minimum data set validation and reporting feature in line with releases from the Department of Health so we always supports the current MDS.

Updated on December 19, 2019
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