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New user experience – New features and more!

We’ve been hard at work bringing you a feature-packed update that is sure to have something for everyone. This release comes with a complete overhaul of our application experience, including replacement of our menu option which is now known as the program menu. New icons have been added and we have updated our UI for a fresh, clean, minimalist look. 

Our new look  

With version 11 we have added an email template manager & rate manager into the Fixus administration section.  Version 11 also adds new features such as the ability to tag users in notes, and our all-new notifications bell keeps you up to date with case updates and lets you know what’s new in Fixus. Our widgets have also been re-built from scratch with a fresh clean consistent look.  

Our new widgets look

The new minimal look-and-feel helps enhance the data being communicated by reducing the contrast of the outer shell of each widget. Tabular widgets now support fixed headers which further improves the visibility of the information being presented. 

We have also introduced permissions for all PMHC widgets to control users access.

Fresh new overview.  
Simple new Case Requiring attention widget 

Our new menu look

With version 11 we have taken the opportunity to improve the look and feel of the Fixus main menu. Navigating Fixus has never been easier. 

New look menu

New note mention feature

With version 11 we have added the all-new mention feature in notes. Just type ‘@’ to bring up a list of team members and you can select the team member you want to mention. That user will receive a notification and email letting them know they been mentioned in a note. 

New Feature – Notifications

See what’s happening at a glance with the new Notifications bell. Now you can see the latest case updates, wherever you are in Fixus. Simply click the bell icon to see the last 30 days of activity.  

The notification’s window

Message templates

The Message Template manager allows for the customisation of messages sent from the Fixus platform. 

PMHC Import/Export

Fixus now supports importing and exporting of PMHC minimum data set data for use with external client information management systems. All exported data is pre-validated against the PMHC minimum data set. 

An exciting future ahead…

Apart from these major changes and new features, the release of Fixus version 11 sees a host of general improvements and bug fixes. This new version also prepares us to launch more exciting features in the future.   

Updated on November 29, 2021

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