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This guide will show you step by step how to Add a New Referral in the CSATS module. We have even made it easier by including short videos to help.

Explanation of Sections:

Referral Source: Details of Record.
Contact Method: 
Details of Contact Method for the Referral.
Other Demographics: 
Referrals Other Demographics.
Additional Referral information: 
Additional details of the Referral.
Outcome: Set an Outcome for the Referral.
Assign Team: 
Select a Team for the Referral to be assigned to.
Optional: Assign Agency Staff Member
: Assign an Agency Staff Member.

How to Add a Referral

  1. Locate the Add Referral option in the sub menu.
  2. The following fields are mandatory on this page.
    * Referral Data is required.
    * Family Name is required.
    * Given Names is required.
    * Data of Birth is required.
    * Gender is required.
    * Start date required.

Referral Source

  1. Enter a Referral Date.
  2. Now you can search for an existing client by selecting Search for the client.
    This will pop-up a search window for existing clients. You can search by Family Name, Given Names, Alias / Preferred Name.
    The Search results will show Name, Gender, DOB and any active cases in the CSATS module.
  3. To select an existing client, click on Select for the client’s record.

If you cannot find the client, you can click Import Details which will close the pop-up window and place the search details you entered into the relevant fields.

Add a Contact Method

  1. Add a Contact Method by selecting +Add Contact Method button.
  2. Select Contact Type from the drop down.
  3. Add Contact Details for Contact Type.
    Check (if required) Preferred Contact Method if the client’s chosen Contact Type is the preferred method.
  4. Check (if required) Text Preferred if the client chose a text message over a phone call.
    *Note: You can add multiply contact methods by following this process.
Example Adding Contact Method

Address Details

  1. To add a Residential or Postal Address for a client.
    * Note: If the residential and postal address are the same, check the “postal address is the same as residential address”.
Example Adding Address Details

Other Demographics

  1. From the drop-down list you can set the Indigenous Status, Country of Birth and Preferred Language.
Example Other Demographics

Additional Demographic Information

Additional Referral Information


From the drop-down list you can set the status of the Outcome and its corresponding start / end date.

Example Outcome

Assign Team

  1. Clicking on the Search button, you will be presented with a Team selection pop-up window.
  2. From here you can search by Agency Name, Suburb / City or Postcode.
    Once you have located the team click Assign to select this team.
Example Assigning a Team

Optional: Assign Agency Staff Member

  1. Click the drop-down list and select the Agency Staff Member to be added to the Referral.
    *Note: This is optional and can be skipped.
  2. Click Save to create the Referral.
Example Assign Agency Staff Member
Updated on June 9, 2023
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