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PMHC Program Stream Additions

The Program Stream administration within the PMHC Module now includes several configurable options to assist data quality.

  • Episode Copy (aka Copy Case)
  • Episode / Referral date limitation
  • Suicide Risk Flag default and locking

Episode Copy

When an existing Episode is Copied, the information is copied into the Add Referral form and the User may edit and update it before saving a new Referral.

The new fields in Program Stream allow certain limitations and validation when performing the function

  • Episode Copy
    • Allow Episode Copy – Any (default) / Active / Close – if the source Episode is one of these Program Stream, and that Episode has this status
    • Remove Referral Date – None (default) / Yes – Remove – remove the Referral Date when setting up the ‘Add Referral’ form
    • Remove Consents – None (default) / All / All Except Survey – removes consents, can keep a ‘Survey’ consent
    • Lock Primary Focus of Treatment – None (default) / Yes – lock after Copy – can lock PFoT after copy
    • MDS Validation Before – None (default) / Yes – Check Before Copy – allows an MDS Validation check on the source Episode to be run and any errors flagged. If any errors, the User will be able to ‘View Case’ (source) MDS Validation page for to make any adjustments
    • Text Reminder – (blank = will not show in copy) / text to display to user final step prior to executing the Copy (eg: “Remember to check Contact details”)

The permission to access Case ‘Copy’ is available to all Users who may ‘Add Referral’

Copy available from Client – Cases list
  • Episode / Referral
    • Referral Date Limit (Add) – 0 – 9999 days old from ‘today’, default 90 days. To enforce a recent Referral Date for a new Referral.
    • Referral Date Limit (Edit) – additional setting for separate validation on an Edit Referral form. This checks that the entered Referral date is within X days of the Referral Created Date. Valid input is 1 to 9999 days, or 0 (zero) to disable this check.
Referral Date Limit – allows restriction of ‘old dates’ on Referrals
  • Details
    • Suicide Referral Flag (default value) – None / (options) – can set default based on Program Stream, and optionally Locked
    • NOTE: location of Suicide Referral Flag is now below the Program Stream so the defaults can be applied upon selection of Program Stream
Add Referral form – Suicide Referral Flag is now located in Program Information panel